What do you call chocolate boys who age well? Dark chocolate, perhaps? Bandra boy Ayaz Khan, one of the leads on the show Dill Mill Gayye, was a runner-up in Gladrags years ago, but he continues to charm his way into hearts and stay in people’s minds. Yet, the only person he has eyes for is his wife of two years, Jannat. Proof? Check out their quirky travel videos on Instagram!

Describe yourself in a hashtag.


What’s been a recent self-discovery during the lockdown?

That I can clean the bathroom sink, the most gross part of the house.

List three things nobody knows about you.

I like my me-time a lot, I can gaze at the sky for hours, and I can eat one kg chocolate by myself!

Tell us one dream that you constantly saw as a child or while growing up.

I always dreamt that Captain Haddock from the TinTin cartoon was chasing me in his red jeep and I was running away from him.

And, one relationship rule you always follow…?

To maintain balance. If one person is cranky, the other should not act the same way.

Bedtime stories

First thing you do after waking up…:

I switch on my electric kettle so that tea is ready by the time I’ve brushed my teeth

Favourite breakfast in bed…:

Lots of cheese, fruits and fresh juices

Preferred side of the bed?


Any book you like to reread in bed?

The Warren Buffett Way by Robert Hagstorm and how he made so much money!

On my bedside table is…:

My cellphone so that I can wake up with my alarm to catch the sunrise

This or that?

Instagram or Twitter?


Beaches or mountains?


Bipasha Basu or Karan Singh Grover?

My lips are sealed, one’s my brother and the other is bhabhi!

Big party or small gathering?

Small gathering

Money or fame?


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