Vikas Singh, Managing Director of Pearson India, a leading education company, discusses the importance of English language proficiency for all those planning to work or study abroad.

1. The decision to go abroad for study or work is generally a tough call. What is a key factor that one should consider?

A vital pre-requisite in all companies and educational institutions is proof of English language proficiency. English language skills are considered to be an essential requirement in addition to all other requirements to work or study abroad, as it strongly relates to people’s ability to integrate into the community and workplace. Therefore, by taking an English language test, the aspirant is able to learn the right kind of skills which demonstrate their true proficiency and help them succeed.

2. How should an aspirant approach the test?

The test should assess the aspirant’s English language proficiency based on their ability in four key areas—speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Classically, aspirants face challenges in terms of not having a truly conducive environment to take the test. Additionally, human interventions / biases can affect the score outcome, apart from the anxiety of taking the test.

3. How does PTE Academic address these challenges?

PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English Academic) is a computer-based language test that offers students and employment seekers a fast (results typically in five business days), fair (accurate computer marking with no potential for examiner bias), and flexible (test sessions 360 days of the year) way of proving their English language proficiency. Since there is no examiner or human intervention in the test-taking process, the accuracy is higher. Our state-of-the-art test centres are soundproof and enable test takers to perform to their best potential. Additionally, advanced security systems like digital biometrics incorporating palm-scanning, digital signatures, randomized test formats, and CCTV cameras ensure that aspirants can appear for the test in a controlled and secure environment

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