India vs Australia 3rd Test Day 2 live score: Australia head into the lunch interval placed at 249/5 after Jasprit Bumrah had Cameron Green out LBW right before the break. Earlier, Ravindra Jadeja picked up two wickets for India as he dismissed Marnus Labuschagne for 91 to break the century stand between him and Steve Smith and then Matthew Wade after the rain interval. However, Smith looks in fine nick having hit a 31st Test fifty and marches on. Smith and Labuschagne had given Australia a solid start before the first rain break. Rain came, rain went away, it came again – it was that kind of a first day of the Test match. We were still some 35 overs short despite extended final session and revised timings. But in the 55 overs of play that was possible, Australia got their noses ahead courtesy a very positive looking Steve Smith and an assured Labuschagne. India did dismiss David Warner early but debutant Will Pucovski rode his luck on his way to a maiden Test fifty. After his departure, Australia’s best pair took over and took them to 166 for 2 at stumps. If the weather clears and rain stays away we are win for a fascinating day of Test cricket in Sydney.

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7:18 hrs IST

What do you make of that session?

It could have been a shared session had it not been for that wicket of Cameron Green right at the very end of that session. But Bumrah’s first wicket of the match has titled the balance in India’s favour. After just one wicket in the previous two sessions combined, getting three in one, that too in the morning session of a new day will inject a lot of positives in the Indian attack.

7:12 hrs IST

Criticism for Wade

Mark Waugh on the Matthew Wade dismissal: It’s a poor dismissal. It’s a Test match, you don’t need to do that. If the ball isn’t there (to hit) you need to pull out of the shot. It was a nothing shot, you’ve got to do better than that. That’s a really poor dismissal.

7:06 hrs IST

Brendon Julian has some good news about the Sydney weather

Brendon Julian suggests there is no more rain in the day. He also says he was surprised not to see Ravindra Jadeja bowl more on Day 1 given the two wickets he’s grabbed. According to him, Australia would be disappointed but feels 350 could be a good enough first-innings score. If India can keep Australia under that score, they should be more than happy.

7:02 hrs IST

Lunch on Day 2, Australia 249/5

And with that, the two teams take lunch on the second day. One more over left to go after this but with Bumrah getting his first wicket, the time seemed apt to head into the interval. None the less, India would head into the break knowing the session has belonged to them. Three wickets in a session, India will be happy with that.

7:00 hrs IST

OUT! Bumrah strikes with second new ball

Right on the stroke of lunch, India strike again. Jasprit Bumrah raps Cameron Green on the pads and he is stone dead. Australia lose their fifth wicket for 249.

6:56 hrs IST

Bumrah to Green: Beats him

Lovely delivery from Bumrah. Aces the perfect length, forces Green to err in his shot and the ball misses the outside edge of his stump marginally. He’s into his 20th over and given 37 runs. Follows it with a bouncer.

6:54 hrs IST

Smith flicks, gets a couple of runs

Siraj has looked a lot flatter as compared to Bumrah even with the second new ball. The speed is lingering in the early 130s and no signs of movement. Smith flicks him towards fine leg as he and Green run two. Lunch approaching.

6:50 hrs IST

Pulls away, but only a single

The bat meting the ball made a crunching sound as Smith tries to pull Bumrah, but the timing isn’t quite there and it’ll only be a single. Smith a little quiet against the second new ball and rightly so. Even appreciates the good balls with his facial expressions. Australia 247/4 after 83 overs.

6:44 hrs IST

Siraj to Green: WIDE

Well, that’s how things have changed. Earlier, a ball bowled outside the white line in Test matches would have been a dot ball but the umpires have become slightly stricter with as far as the lines are concerned. Siraj to share the new ball with Bumrah but to be honest, Saini here wouldn’t have been a bad option here. Just to add a bit of a surprise element.

6:40 hrs IST

India take the second new ball

80 overs bowled and India have taken the second new ball. Jasprit Bumrah returns and immediately gets some movement as Smith lets the first two go to the keeper. Key moment for India, need to strike with the new ball at least once shortly.

6:34 hrs IST

Too wide form Jadeja and Smith pounces

Short and wide from Jadeja twice in the over and Smith is in too good a touch to miss out. Crunches the ball through point on both occasions to help himself to a couple of boundaries in that over. He marches on, goes to 72 off 139 balls. Australia 244/4.

6:30 hrs IST

OUT! Jadeja sends back Wade

Well, what do you know? Jadeja has done it again for India. Matthew Wade with his uncertain footwork perishes to spin again. Pretty similar to his dismissal to Ashwin in the second Test. Comes down the wicket but doesn’t get to the pitch of the ball correctly. Chips it in the air and Bumrah takes a regulation catch at mid-on. Australia 232/4

6:24 hrs IST

FOUR more to Smith

Ah, simply brilliant from one of the modern masters. On the pads and Steve Smith brings out the sweep shot and gets himself a boundary. One sweep shot too many you’d assume. Definitely not something Vihari would want though.

6:22 hrs IST

Vihari in the firing line again

Twice in the over has Vihari taken a blow at forward short leg. Another sweep shot from Wade and this time the ball hits him around the arm. Thank god for the protective gear. It takes a real brave man to field at that position. 75 overs have been bowled, after which Australia are 222/3.

6:20 hrs IST

Jadeja to Wade: FOUR

And now Matthew Wade jumps in the action. Terrific drive. The ball was tossed up from Jadeja and Wade simply crunches it through covers. The pitch is getting even better to bat on.

6:18 hrs IST

That must have hurt

A sweep shot from Matthew Wade hits Hanuma Vihari at forward short leg. Gets his on the calf and it looks to be a stinging blow. He is receiving some treatment. The magic spray is out there. Powerful sweep shot and even though Vihari tried to take evasive action, he copped a blow.

6:14 hrs IST

Jadeja to Smith: Four

Ah, crisp. Lovely timing there from Steve Smith. Gives himself a bit of room and drives through covers, beats the fielder there and gets himself a four. A boundary to end the over as Australia get to 217/3.

6:10 hrs IST

That should be the last of the rain we see in the Test match

Glenn McGrath points out that there should be no rain intervals in the match going forward, but you never know with this Australian weather. None the less, the players are back on the ground and hopefully the next time they go off the field is during the lunch interval. Smith takes strike to Jadeja.

5:55 hrs IST

Rain gets lighter

Looks like the rain has got lighter. This happened quicker than what we expected but the groundstaff still have all the covers on at the centre of the wicket. We wait for some official word now.

5:48 hrs IST

Rain stops play again

This is really frustrating now. Just when India had their tails up with an important wicket of Labuschagne, rain returns again to force the players off the field. This time, it’s just a bit heavier. Australia are at 213 for 3 after 72 overs.

5:45 hrs IST

FIFTY for Steve Smith

FOUR! Powerfully struck down the ground by Steve Smith. There’s no stopping that one, it races away to the boundary to bring up yet another Test fifty for Steve Smith. You can’t keep a player like Smith down for too long, this has been an innings of authority.

5:41 hrs IST

Jadeja gets Labuschagne for 91

OUT! That came completely against run of play. India have got their first breakthrough of Day 2 and it’s Jadeja who has broken the century stand. It was bit too close to play the cut shot this time, the ball perhaps bounced a bit too, Labuschagne got an outside edge and Rahane at first slip took a sharp catch. He was looking set for hundred there but has to go for 91 now. Australia 206 for 3

5:39 hrs IST

Labuschagne into the 90s

FOUR! Short and wide from Jadeja again, Labuschagne goes back and cuts it easily through the vacant field for a boundary. That brings the 100 stand for Labuschagne and Smith.

5:34 hrs IST

200 up for Australia

A nice flick from Steve Smith off Jadeja, he will come back for a couple as the square-leg fielder will cut that one off. 200 up for Australia, they are looking set for a big big total now.

5:31 hrs IST

Ashwin bowls first over

Steve Smith makes not attempts to hide his intentions against Ashwin. He has a simple plan and that is to attack India’s premiere off-spinner. He came down the track, went back, did not get a boundary but got three runs and showed a lot of intent in Ashwin’s first over of Day 2. Australia 196/2

5:27 hrs IST

Shot from Labuschagne

FOUR! A short and wide delivery from Jadeja, just the kind of ball a batsman expects after a rain interruption and Labuschagne takes full advantage of it by rocking back quickly and cutting it past point and into the fence.

5:23 hrs IST

No rain, covers off

That’s great to see. So the covers are being taken off. Looks like we will have play soon, shouldn’t be a delay of more than five minutes from now. But we won’t jump the gun, especially after the masterful hide and seek the rain played with us yesterday.

5:17 hrs IST

Players going off

Rain stops play! The players are going off. The drizzle is still not that heavy but it has been going on for the past 10 minutes so the umpires decided not to take a rise. This really shouldn’t be a long delay, unless the rain Gods have something more in store for us. Australia are at 188 for 2 after 66 overs.

5:15 hrs IST

Light drizzle in Sydney

There is a light drizzle at the SCG now. Let’s hope it doesn’t become heavier and forces the players to go off the field. There is forecast of rain today mind you.

5:13 hrs IST

Siraj to Labuschagne: FOUR

On the pads again, Labuschagne manages to find the gap despite there being four fielder on the leg side and it races away for a boundary in the square-leg region. This stump to stump line with a dominant leg side field is not really working for India.

5:10 hrs IST

Jadeja bowls a maiden

Perfect lengths, perfect lines and it finished before you even noticed – just the kind of over you would expect from Jadeja, a maiden from the left-arm spinner. Australia are 183 for 2 now, Smith and Labuschagne looking solid.

5:04 hrs IST

India lose a review

Wickets missing. The height was always going to be a factor when it hit Steve Smith on the thigh. India lose a review. Ajinkya Rahane seemed very interested from behind the stumps and he went for the review. Smith went across his stumps but missed it. It hit him on the thighs.

5:00 hrs IST

First sign of sight and It’s Jadeja

Right just at the stroke of half an hour on Day 2 we see spin and it is Ravindra Jadeja and not Ravichandran Ashwin. Well, that’s a bit of a surprise, considering he was the last to get the ball in hand on Day 1.

4:56 hrs IST

Good work by Rahane

India have been sharp in the field today and skipper Ajinkya Rahane leading the way. It was a shortish delivery from Siraj, Labuschagne tapped it well but Rahane at fourth slip dived to his right to stop the ball.

4:50 hrs IST

Smith, Labuschagne chipping away

You can’t help but notice the change of approach in Australia’s batting. We have had five overs of play on Day 2, and on every over Smith and Labuschagne have tried to score. Even in the previous maiden over of  Bumrah, there was constant effort form Smith to get off strike, chip a single here or a couple there. Perhaps it has got a lot do with India’s leg-side line too.

4:42 hrs IST

India vs Australia live score Day 2, 3rd Test

Lot of talk about India’s plans and field setting already. Former India pacer Ajit Agarkar is not happy with India’s tactics of bowling at the stumps with a dominant leg side field to both Smith and Labuschagne at the start of a new day. Well, to be fair to India, they have been maintaining the same plan against these throughout the series but one perhaps expects them to try and find the outside edge more on a new day.

Meanwhile, Siraj’s second over of the day yields three runs. Australia 175/2

4:38 hrs IST

Bumrah comes back well

Just the kind of come back you would expect from a bowler like Bumrah. After conceding a four and a single to Smith, Bumrah bowls three good deliveries to Labuschagne and even beat him on the outside edge.

4:35 hrs IST

Smith greets Bumrah with a cover drive

FOUR! a gentle loosener from Jasprit Bumrah to start his Day 2 but no such warm-ups from Steve Smith. He gets a confident stride forward and drives it through the covers to collect the first boundary of today. Australia 172/2

4:33 hrs IST

First runs of Day 2

…And it comes of Steve Smith’s bat, well gloves to be precise. Siraj just drifted down the leg side but the ball bounced a bit more than what Smith had expected, he did well to get his bottom hand off the handle. It took the gloves and went of the keeper for a single.

4:30 hrs IST

Siraj starts the proceedings

Mohammed Siraj has the ball in hand for India. He will be up against Steve Smith. We are all set for Day 2 of the third Test at the SCG.

4:28 hrs IST

‘Introduce Bumrah-Ashwin early’

Former India cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar ‘loves’ Ashwin with the ball and he hopes that India stand-in captain Ajinkya Rahane will start with Jasprit Bumrah and Ravichandran Ashwin on Day 2.

4:21 hrs IST

India vs Australia live score: Weather updates of Sydney

It will be cloudy throughout the day with spells of showers. Hmm, that’s what the weather forecast says for Day 2 of the third Test in Sydney. But so far so good, we’ve got the sun out for now, there will be no delay at the start and let’s hope it stays that way because if it does, the weather is expected to improve drastically from Day 3, Day 4 and so on.

4:15 hrs IST

Recap of Day 1

There was a lot of rain on Day 1 after India’s Mohammed Siraj had removed David Warner early to dent Australia’s decision of opting to bat first. After a four hour delay when play resumed, Australia’s debutant opener Will Pucovski got a couple of lives and got to his first Test fifty before being trapped in front by India’s debutant Navdeep Saini. Since then Steve Smith and Marnus Labuschagne looked solid and took Australia to stumps at 166 for 2 on Day 1.

4:10 hrs IST

India vs Australia 3rd Test Day 2 live score

Thanks to all the rain on Day 1, we will start Day 2 half an early to make up for the overs. So it will be 4:30 am IST start today. But hey, we are not complaining at all. It means another half and hour of quality Test cricket. Hello all, this the live coverage of the India vs Australia third Test Day 2 at the Sydney Cricket Ground.