About Us

News Territory (newsterritory.com) is a global diverse news and current affairs website. We publish opinion articles, evaluation and analysis of points/issues, information reviews and news reports(curated from varied sources in addition to authentic reporting) and fact-check articles.

Primary team:

News Territory (NT) was conceptualized and established in January 2020 by like-minded friends led by James Karl (james.karl@newsterritory.com), a PhD academician. The core team later expanded to include Abhishek Kumar (abhi@newsterritory.com), and Lucas Hoffmann (lucas.hoff@yandex.com).

Current Editor of newsterritory.com is Abhishek Kumar, who can be contacted at abhi@newsterritory.com or iabhishekkumar@yandex.com. The extended editorial team include staff writers in various locations. Our editorial team can be reached at editorialteam@newsterritory.com. News Territory registered and corporate office is in Jaipur.

Feel free to reach out to us via contact us should you need more information.